Città e Storia 2012/1

Tales of the City. Outsiders' Descriptions of Cities in the Early Modern Period

Collana: Città e Storia
Anno: 2012
Pubblicazione: 1
Numero pagine: 208
ISBN: 978-88-8368-142-4
ISSN: 1828-6364
DOI: 10.17426/38726


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· Flaminia Bardati – Fabrizio Nevola – Eva Renzulli, Introduction, pp. 3-7, DOI 10.17426/92186
· Fabrizio Nevola, Lost in Translation: the Urban Setting of Aeneas Silvius Piccolomini’s Story of Two Lovers, pp. 9-25, DOI 10.17426/21521
· Eva Renzulli, Tales of Flying Shrines and Paved Roads: Loreto, an Early Modern Town of Pilgrimage, pp. 27-41, DOI 10.17426/47214
· Georgia Clarke, Diverse, Synoptic, and Synchronos Description of the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem in Fifteenth-Century Accounts, pp. 43-75, DOI 10.17426/87297
· Felipe Pereda, Measuring Jerusalem: the Marquis of Tarifa’s Pilgrimage in 1520 and its Urban Consequences, pp. 77-102, DOI 10.17426/59782
· Pierre A. Mackay, Two Centuries After. A Turkish view of the Venetian Remains in Negropont, pp. 103-115, DOI 10.17426/53774
· Eva Johanna Holmberg, An Ottoman City of Strangers: Placing the Jews in Early Modern English Texts on Istanbul, pp. 117-134, DOI 10.17426/91758
· Krista De Jonge, A Tale of Two Cities. The Image of Brussels and of Antwerp in Lodovico Giucciardini’s Descrittione di tutti i Paesi Bassi, pp. 135-157, DOI 10.17426/66277
· Flaminia Bardati, Avignon and Rouen. Tales of Sixteenth-Century Italian Travellers, pp. 159-181, DOI 10.17426/72620