ISBN 978-88-8368-161-5
Elena Dinubila

Da paese a paese. Prossimità e distanza tra gli spazi di vita sociale e i luoghi del lavoro nell’area industriale di Melfi

Pag. 165-
, DOI 10.17426/75858
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Keywords: Fiat-Chrysler Factory; Urban Transformation; Social Fragmentation; Work Sociality; Workers’ Identity

Abstract: This paper is based on an inquiry about the social life of some metalworkers which has carried out in close proximity to their production site. It analyses the relationship between a Fiat-Chrysler plant and the town of Melfi. The relationship between the factory, which is often associated to a “big village” organised on its own rules and times, and the town of Melfi, which is still characterised by a traditional economy and sociality, is examined here through the analysis of the demographic and social effects produced by their interaction.
By describing some factors which prevent the construction of a work sociality, this essay explains why the FCA commuters cannot create a new sense of belonging to the factory and extend it to the external communities.
The workers’ families are the only context in which the fragmented society, due to the distance between factory and external community, is constantly recomposed.