ISBN 978-88-8368-118-9
F. Mangone

La casa di villeggiatura come luogo di sperimentazione del moderno. Gio Ponti e un “controprogetto” di casa Malaparte a Capri

Pag. 75-
, DOI 10.17426/75858
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Keywords: Modern Architecture, Holiday House, Gio Ponti, Arturo Benedetti Michelangeli
The home for free-time, weekend or holiday, in the development of modern architecture has played a much more important role than was traditionally thought, even as an ideal field of design experimentation. In Italy, the island of Capri, extraordinary from a naturalistic point of view and the subject of early reflections about landscape safeguarding, became a privileged place for experimentation with the topic of the “second-house”, as demonstrated by several examples, including the famous Malaparte house on the cliff of Punta Massullo, also intended as a stone portrait of the personality of its client. Less well known is an ideal “counter-project” related to this controversial residence elaborated by Gio Ponti on the immediate eve of the Second World War, which aims to explore the lyrical potential of the theme and the relationship with an exceptional landscape.