ISBN 978-88-8368-140-0
Rafael M. Girón Pascual

L’importazione di spade italiane nel sud della Castiglia nel corso del XVI secolo

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, DOI 10.17426/20502
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Keywords: Italian Swords, Trade, Castile, Genoese Merchants, Swordmakers.

Abstract: In the 16th-century, a good part of the rapier swords that were dressed and used in Castile had Italian origin. Swords, or better, sword blades (of poor quality, it seems) from Milan, Serravalle, Brescia and Genoa were imported at very competitive prices by important Genoese trading companies, most of them located in Toledo, Granada, or Cádiz. In this article, using mostly Andalusian notarial sources, we will study the trade in Italian swords in southern Castile and the Genoese companies that carried it out.