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ISBN 978-88-8368-141-7
Carlo Pavolini

Il Parco di Ostia. Un’esperienza di tutela multidisciplinare

Pag. 239-
, DOI 10.17426/C16C011
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Keywords: Editorial Project

Abstract: The strategies of conservation adopted from the Archaeological Park of Ancient Ostia are taken into account, in the context of the creation of the Archaeological Parks in Italy. The measures of reform of the Minister of Cul­tural Heritage (2014-2020) present many critical factors, but the institution of the multidisciplinary Soprintendenze and of the equally “holistic” Parks seems to be a valid choice, even if not adequately carried out in many situa­tions. The paper describes the principal monuments and complexes subdued to the authority of the Park (above all, the wide archaeological sites of Ostia and Portus with the cemetery of Isola Sacra), putting in light their diachronic nature, the weight of the environmental context and the resulting need of a multidisciplinary dialogue among the different professions employed in the conservation of the cultural heritage, a method that at Ostia has already given many good results.

Keywords: Ancient Ostia; Archaeological Parks; Conservation; Multidiscipli­narity; Diachrony

Il Parco di Ostia. Un’esperienza di tutela multidisciplinare