ISBN 978-88-8368-156-1
Rudi Beaulant

Remunerer Les Officiers de la Mairie de Dijon a la Fin du Moyen Âge

Pag. 13-
, DOI 10.17426/R08C03
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Keywords: Officers; Prosecutor; Commune; Duchy of Burgundy; Late Middle Ages.

Abstract: This article focuses on the remuneration of the officers of the Dijon town hall, in particular that of the procurator, in the judicial and political context of the commune in the late Middle Ages. By analysing the terminology and the evolution of this officer’s wages, it is possible to measure the institutionalisation of his office and the recognition he received from the urban government. Nevertheless, despite some increases obtained after several petitions, the urban prosecutor does not always seem to be remunerated for all the tasks he performs for the commune. However, this fact must be put into perspective by underlining the diversity of the income he receives beyond his wages alone, and by recalling that he is not, with some exceptions, in the exclusive service of the town hall. Finally, putting the prosecutor’s income into perspective with
that of the other officers of the town hall and his counterpart at the bailliage of Dijon allows us to better understand his place among the servants of the town and those of the duke of Burgundy and then the king.