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Dario Dell’Osa

La Repubblica di Ragusa e gli investimenti nei titoli del debito pubblico italiano nella seconda metà del Cinquecento: il caso del mercante Stefano Radognich Copia

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, DOI 10.17426/R06C03
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Keywords: Ragusa; Public Debt; Finance; Financial Income; Modern Age.

Abstract: Since the 1570s, the economy of the Republic of Ragusa (now Dubrovnik in Croatia) was increasingly dependent on investments in Italian public debt in the cities of Venice, Rome or Naples. The investors were usually merchants who added to the market investments in finance, but also religious bodies and small and large savers who drew from the revenues the means for their livelihood. Among these was an investor, Stefano Radognich, whose activity presents peculiarities that make extremely interesting the study. Using archive sources of a public and private nature, the essay intends to study the portfolio choices and financial instruments used by the citizens of Dubrovnik in the last quarter of the Sixteenth century.