ISBN 978-88-8368-156-1
Corine Maitte - Matthieu Scherman

Retribuzioni e Autorità Politiche (Secc. XV-XVIII). Un’introduzione

Pag. 3-
, DOI 10.17426/R08C02
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Keywords: Medieval and modern history; Labour history; Political history; History of remuneration, Europe.

Abstract: This introduction presents the complex relationship between public authorities and remuneration in ancient times. It is generally only in contemporary history that authorities appear as elements, if not essential, at least rather unavoidable in the regulation of wages. The aim of this dossier is to show that the authorities also played an important role before the modern
era, not only in setting the level of wages (often by fixing maximum rather than minimum wages), but also in setting the wages of their own employees or in settling the numerous conflicts that arose in this area. This should encourage the development of this type of research at the crossroads of labour history, political history, and judicial history.