ISBN 978-88-8368-140-0
Salvatore Ciriacono

Ricchezza, tassazione, sviluppo economico e disuguaglianze sociali. La repubblica di Venezia in età moderna

Pag. 91-
, DOI 10.17426/20506
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Keywords: Keywords: Inequality; Venice; Richness; Taxation; Politics.

Abstract: Inequalities in human societies have crossed history no less than poverty, revolutions, caused both by confrontation and social conflict and by health and environmental reasons. The Republic of Venice, before its final fall, was no less. Inequality was evident not only within the city population but also between the capital and the other cities of the state, between the latter and their respective territories. Alfani and Di Tullio explored the causes, underlining the role of taxation, regressive and non-progressive, geopolitical transformations. However, other deeper reasons remain in the shadows such as the aristocratic order of the Venetian constitution, geopolitical changes, lack of investment in alternative sectors to agriculture.