ISBN 978-88-8368-140-0
Angela Maria Bocci Girelli

Roma e la costa del suo mare. Un tormentato iter: costruzione e vicende della stazione balneare di Fregene (1920-1931)

Pag. 71-
, DOI 10.17426/20505
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Keywords: Keywords: Fregene; Small and medium enterprises (SMEs); Entrepreneurial Group Cerato.

Abstract: The history of the debut of tourism in Fregene has been recovered through an examination of the documentation conserved in the historical archives of the Bank of Italy. The analysis has revealed that, throughout the entire period of the nineteen twenties, there was an almost inextricable interweaving of relations and interference on the part of people, groups and enterprises. While operating in Rome, these also took part in the business affairs of Fregene. A veritable web of companies has come to light: although they appear to be in order from an official point of view, a closer examination reveals that at least some of these companies were non-existent, or of weak standing, camouflaged through the use of differing names. As a consequence, a not insignificant disturbance has emerged in a portion of the Roman business and entrepreneurial system, which has certainly remained unknown, at least as far as the realities of the story of Fregene have now demonstrated.