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ISBN 978-88-8368-141-7
Elena Pomar, Stephen Kay

Ultime ricerche presso il Porto di Claudio

Pag. 11-
, DOI 10.17426/C16C02
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Keywords: Editorial Project

Abstract: The large harbour basin of the monumental port of Claudius, of which only a few remains are now visible, are partially buried beneath the southern part the “Leonardo da Vinci” airport at Fiumicino. The progres­sive geomorphological changes of the Tiber delta, derived in the first instance by the advancement of the coastline but also by anthropogenic activity, have brought a radical change to the landscape which has hidden traces of the an­cient Imperial port. Through the use of non-invasive geophysical prospection and the integration of data deriving from environmental cores, it has been possible to locate the remains of a large section of the northern mole and to identify the eastern mole. The results achieved until now have opened up a new area of further research.

Keywords: Portus; Claudian harbour; Geophysical prospection; Environmen­tal cores.

Ultime ricerche presso il Porto di Claudio