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ISBN 978-88-8368-114-1
Saverio Massaro, Giovanni Perrucci

Vuoti nei vuoti. Reti di spazi aperti come matrice di resilienza

Pag. 109-
, DOI 10.17426/11506
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Keywords: Editorial Project

Abstract: This paper overviews the network of towns of Alta Murgia, an inner area of the Bari metropolitan area. A critical analysis, aimed at detecting the imprinting and the strategic role that empty spaces have assumed in defining urban settlements, is carried out. The city of Altamura is representative of Murgian towns; its historic centre is known for ‘claustri’, peculiar small squares in connection with ‘sottani’, small hollow spaces caved in the built, almost underuse. Sottani have been the objective of recent urban regeneration initiatives. The significant aspects that such experiences have been able to transfer to the Public Administration for the definition of an Integrated Urban Sustainable Development Strategy (SISUS) of the city, are highlighted. Finally, it is underlined how this strategy actualizes the resilient model of the claustro. In conclusion, starting from the experiences shown, it is possible to draw a collaborative model of intervention for an incisive administration of urban transformations.


Keywords: Voids Archipelago; Altamura’s Claustri; Urban Regeneration; Sottaninrete; Resilience Matrix.

Vuoti nei vuoti. Reti di spazi aperti come matrice di resilienza